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I am constantly being overwhelmed by the quality and uniqueness of items that land inside my mailbox. Today was no exception. I received a beautiful lilac coloured pencil called ‘Mountain Morn’ from Lea Redmond for the With A Pencil In My Pocket project and two antique postcards from a flea market in Paris. The postcards are in cellophane sleeves, are stamped, cancelled and handwritten. One of them begins like this, “Ma Chère Amie” (…my dear friend). They were sent inside an envelope by a Postcrosser in France. How kind people are to consider your likes and dislikes, to hunt for something just for you and to Frank it all the way across the ocean! My mailbox has truly been blessed this past season… I will update all the unexpected goodies that have landed inside shortly ;)

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I’m scrambling to write 4,000 words of essay, business case and powerpoint presentation for the 1st Records Management course of my master’s degree by the end of the week… but I had to take a break to post this link to a fabulous 500 Colored Pencils Project that I will be participating in this year. There are 10 spots still open! What a joy and excitement to look for a scrumptiously coloured (<–Canadian, i.e. correct spelling ;) pencil in my mailbox each month. The idea, put forward by one of my favorite entrepreneurs Lea Redmond of Leafcutter Designs, will then take me on an adventure to find a true-life story each month exemplifying the essence of this specially chosen coloured pencil. My mailbox is sooooo excited to start 2010!

Happy New Years everyone!

500 Colored Pencils

500 Colored Pencil Crayons

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