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Deep breath in ((((((ahhhh))))))

And… exhale (((((oohhhhh)))) Yeah, 2010 is in the can and I’m glad it’s time to move on to new beginnings. I’m taking a little time to tie up old projects and tidy the office (and kitchen table), but the future is a clean slate. Actually, a friend has a habit of calling Mondays ‘Clean Slate Mondays‘ ~ and at 1:30am, it’s Monday already, so it seems like I’m in sync with the cosmic universe of new beginnings. Today is a day to dust away the cobwebs, steam mop the kitchen floor and let my baby drool all over it again ;)

I sent out nearly 80 Christmas cards, but have a pile of them here – addressed, stamped, and some even written, but not mailed yet… a project soon to be finished. With 4,009 words of essay submitted to the uni on Friday, I almost don’t know what to do with myself. Feel like twirling my arms like windmills. Or throwing a dart and seeing where it lands…

I had my first bookbinding attempt exhibited at the local university this past year. It was incredibly exciting! The caliber of artists in the local guild is amazing. I feel so dwarfed, but inspired.

I’m committing to the WordPress goal of posting every week in 2011, so hopefully this will help to record and track my projects before they make their way out the door and into the mailboxes of others ;)

Here’s to a new year of pretty paper possibilities!

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