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Today I am creating and returning mail art to the two authors of A Good Mail Day, Jennie Hinchcliff & Carolee Gilligan Wheeler. These two darling women not only wrote a fabulous book that celebrates sending wacky, tacky and marvelously obscure artwork through the mail, but low and behold, they sent ME a thank you package for the review posted last fall on Canadian Girl Scout’s blog :)

Such a coup to find feedback to my blog musings (and in such a tangible format too)! My husband was wowed and astonished. For a moment I felt like a celebrity as I showed him the spread of goodies packed up by the authors and shipped all the way from San Fran to Canada.

Just confirmation that a good word put in for someone, no matter how far away, how quietly or anonymous, really does come back to you. (Certainly this is true for the opposite as well, so let’s watch what tongue, pen and keyboard puts into existence.) Today is a day to feel the good vibes of the universe…. and the interconnectedness of us all.A Surprise In The Mail

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Mail To Be Mailed

Oh it’s been a month! I’ve received some incredible mail and have so much to update, but sending mail has been my priority these past few weeks. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Off to the postbox.

This bundle of 42 pieces went into the red Canada Post box last week… All stamped, addressed, labeled, stickered (some were even scented with pine) and hand written :) I’m now working on batch two, which will go to the USA and contain about 55 more postcards and Christmas envelopes (mostly for my 43 Things friends). So yes, I love all your mail and will respond asap, but my mind won’t let me rest until I get this most noble task of Christmas Cards checked off my to do list.

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