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An Austrian mailbox waiting for some goodies to be ‘plunked’ into it.  I can imagine the sound letters would make as they dropped down into it.

I found this yummy photo on Wikimedia Commons today and began to think of all the inspiration for art and crafts and just thinking…. about life that rummaging through the Commons photos would bring.  I have uploaded a few of my own photos to the Commons when I knew that they would illustrate a Wikipedia article well, and I must say that I think they add nicely (see the article on Standing Stones or The Clearances), but today is the first day that I’ve thought about other uses for the Commons.  For instance, this blog.  Wikimedia Commons makes available over 5,000,000 photos for use under a creative commons license.  Each photograph clearly states what you are allowed or not allowed to do with it.  I think that I just need to mention that a Wikipedian named “Moschitz” took this photo.  Anyhoo, take some time to ramble around on Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons to learn some stuff, get inspired, get enthralled and add your teensy weensy bit of expertise to the knowledge bank of our global community.

Austrian Mailbox

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